Ireland/UK: We don't want
to hear the «B-Word» anymore
Generation Easy Jet
Up in the sky
Instinct is her
only companion
Adios sugar
A personal experiment
The endangered paradise
«Europe looks the other way»
Fit as hell in the holiday paradise
«I can't call her ‹Mum›»
Costa Rica:
Up in the trees
«The pressure to love children»
They want work,
not welfare aid
«Trust me, sweetheart!»
«Srebrenica has changed the world»
«When I am not needed anymore,
I have been successful»
«Switzerland must remain curious»
Without me!
«Death is not the worst»
Feelings in exchange for money
«I'd rather sell my ass
than my soul»
What stands for marriage today?
«I hate my look,
my personality, my weight»
«God wants me here»
Death on request
Sex with a handicap
Souvenirs from Chernobyl
Work until you drop
«What is so wrong
with us?»
No future despite diploma?
He, she, it
Around the world
«Becoming a real woman»
Vacation in the danger zone
«My mother did not realise
what she was doing to me»
Elephants welcome,
bipeds too
The false virgin
It is too hot here!
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